Heat pump air curtains

Envirotec has launched heat pump versions of its popular Enviroscreen and EAB Air Barrier air curtains, optimised for use with Toshiba digital inverter heat pumps to deliver high seasonal efficiencies (average co-efficient of performance 3.5+). The units have been introduced to address the growing demand for low-carbon heat sources in many applications.

The systems are configured so that the refrigerant in the heat pump module extracts heat from ambient air; the refrigerant then condenses in the air curtain module to release heat to the air curtain. Sophisticated controls ensure the air curtains are highly responsive to changing conditions, for maximum comfort and efficiency.

The stylish Enviroscreen models are ideal for applications where there is little or no bulkhead, so that the units are visible and complement the aesthetics of the space. EAB Air Barrier door curtains offer a very high air output and can be recessed or ‘on view’. Envirotec’s UK manufacturing facility also has the capability to produce bespoke heat pump air curtains to suit individual projects.

Toshiba digital inverter heat pumps feature an advanced inverter-controlled condenser, combining high performance and efficiency with low noise.


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