Heat Harvester

Harvesting the waste heat in winter months is the latest invention from Monodraught.

Three models have been launched by Monodraught, which are all designed like a mini jet engine to draw in the heat that accumulates at the underside of roof level and thrusting that waste heat down to floor level.

Suitable for ceiling heights of 5m and above, the Heat Harvester is just 305mm (12”) diameter, weighs 4.5kgs, and costs less than 10p per day to run! It can reduce heating bills by between 30% and 50% simply by harvesting the heat that would otherwise rise up to the underside of roof level.

Monodraught offer a free survey and a money back guarantee, if the Heat Harvester doesn’t immediately reduce your heating costs and achieve temperature equalisation of 1°C within seven days from installation.

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