Hattersley makes life easy

Hattersley has launched a differential pressure control valve (DPCV) for HVAC systems which rely on variable speed pumps. Quick and easy to install, it has a long life expectancy and is designed to require little or no maintenance.

Hattersley’s new DPCV operates across a temperature range of -10 to 100?C and is PN16 rated. Pressure is tapped from before and after the load and linked to the upper and lower chambers. Separating the chambers is a diaphragm which controls the rubber-seated piston to stabilise the pressure differential. The piston closes the valve on rising differential pressure and opens it on falling differential pressure. The valve continues to move in this way until pressure equilibrium is achieved.

The DPCV can be set on installation to a maximum differential pressure limit of 20 to 100 kPa. Under dynamic balancing conditions it can then be adjusted easily on commissioning as required. This ensures that differential pressure cannot exceed the set control limit so the control authority of the two port control valve is maintained.





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