Hard water? HygroMatik have a simple solution for finer RH control

imageMedical environments, clean rooms, data centres, museums and galleries all have a need for high precision, close control air conditioning. Here, air filtration, temperature, humidity and cleanliness levels need to work in an equilibrium, with accurate safeguarding to the prescribed amounts. To ensure these standards are being met, HygroMatik’s resistive steam humidifier, HeaterLine, and water softening system, WaterLine, can work in complete synergy to ensure the purest water is fed into the steam humidifier to produce the highest quality steam.

According to British Water, as little as 1.6mm of scale in a heating system causes a 12% loss in efficiency, increasing maintenance times and costs. HeaterLine is a heater element steam humidifier designed to be easily operated with either completely demineralised, partially softened or tap water. However, water quality will inevitably still play a significant role in determining both the controlled Relative Humidity (RH) levels, as well as the running costs of a HVAC unit.

In soft water areas such as in Scotland, the HeaterLine resistive humidification unit alone is ideal. In areas of medium and hard water, however, it is an advantage to also install WaterLine, a water softening system that produces demineralised water, to deliver finer control over RH. Considering that 60% of water in the UK is hard, installing WaterLine alongside HeaterLine units enables building managers to easily negate the risk of unnecessary limescale build up in the cylinders.

During the vaporisation process of ordinary tap water, limescale deposits into the steam humidifier cylinders, resulting in more frequent cleaning and maintenance in the long term. On its own, HygroMatik’s HeaterLine unit can negate the performance depressions brought about by hard water. However, the use of demineralised or Reverse Osmosis (RO) water from the WaterLine system will go just that extra mile and provide extremely close control of +/- 1 percent RH. This treated water drastically reduces the unit’s maintenance requirements as there are fewer deposits, which for Bridling Managers means there will be reducing long term operational costs, an increase in the product’s lifecycle and all whilst adhering to all European Hygiene standards.


Further information on HygroMatik’s full range of steam generating products can be found on its website www.hygromatik.com or by calling 02380 443127.

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