Hands-free hygiene

The Acu from Rada represents a new generation of digital thermostatic mixing valves, specifically designed to bring effective non-touch controlled hand-washing facilities to the total range of healthcare applications and offering an enhanced aesthetic which assists in de-institutionalising the hospital environment.

In brief, Acu is a cost-effective, stylish concealed digital mixing valve for washbasins. Offering programmable maximum, minimum and default temperatures, it also has duty flush and thermal disinfection capabilities – important for legionella control – complemented by temperature logging and data logging functions. Both the spout and controls are inset into proprietary wall panel systems and can be accessed, programmed and maintained without the need to demount the panels. It features infra-red, non-touch operation for on/off and temperature adjustment, with simple programming allowing the selection of timed flow control and fixed or adjustable temperature.

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are still a major concern in all healthcare environments; and Rada’s innovative Acu makes intelligent hand-hygiene provision available in both clinical and non-clinical areas. Clinical areas are those where patient activities take place; while non-clinical ones are ancillary spaces – such as offices, meeting rooms, visitor areas and storage facilities.


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