Handle with care

BSS Industrial has extended its successful BOSS RIOpanel radiator range by launching the BOSS RIO AEGIS LST, a new model specifically designed for use in care homes, education and health facilities.
Unlike conventional radiators, the new BOSS LST (Low Surface Temperature) model has been designed in line with NHS guidelines to make it suitable for use in public buildings where traditional high surface temperature radiators could pose a risk to health and safety.
To comply with these guidelines, the BOSS RIO AEGIS LST has a number of unique features which are designed to minimise the risk of injury or accident for users. These include rounded corners, contoured front and side panels and a curved top edge to prevent items such as food or drink being placed on it.
Frank Elkins, BSS Industrial Managing Director, said: “We launched the BOSS RIOpanel range last year with our partner and respected radiator manufacturer, Hudevad. The range has been extremely successful and now, through further product development, we have launched the BOSS LST.
“The BOSS RIO LST can provide a complete heating offering to the care, education and health sector.”

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