Hand-held precision tool

The AMP Netconnect Business Unit of Tyco Electronics has introduced a hand-held precision fibre-optic cleave tool which provides precision quality cleaves with the feel and robustness of a full-scale precision cleaver at an exceptionally competitive price.
The new cleaver offers an affordable precision cleaving solution for field-installable mechanical splice connectors, fusion splicing, mechanical splicing and bare-fibre adaptors.

The tool incorporates a blade with an operating life of 10,000 cleaves. The detailed scale markings indicate the correct cleave lengths for popular Tyco Electronics field-installable fibre-optic connectors and mechanical splices in addition to the standard numerical markings for other applications.

The tool is designed to produce a consistent operator-independent cleave every time with no craft sensitivity. Cleave lengths of 4, 6, 8, 10, and 18 mm can be accommodated, with a cleaved surface angle of less than 1.5° and no lip, fracture or roll-off.

The cleaver measures 74 mm long x 65.5mm wide x 33.5mm deep, and is supplied with a belt pouch and neck lanyard to ensure that it is always within the operator’s reach.

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