Hamworthy’s solutions for every building are on the road (again)

Due to the success of the 2017/2018 Stainless Family Roadshow, Hamworthy Heating is taking to the road again. This time, the van has a variety of boilers with heat exchangers made from different alloys and a controls simulation box on board.

Hamworthy Heating will be touring the country to see its customers who often don’t have the time to visit trade shows. Offering a solution for every building, the van is equipped with boilers suitable for small to big commercial buildings.

Visitors can find out about:

  • the Upton boiler, a space-saving, high output solution for smaller city centre plant rooms,
  • the Purewell Variheat mk2 boiler with a large waterway cast iron heat exchanger to suit plant room refurbishments,
  • the low height Stratton mk2 wall hung boiler for smaller commercial buildings,
  • the Dorchester DR-CC water heater, a snug fit with minimum clearances for smaller buildings and the energy-saving potential of using boiler controls to manage the heating plant.

The tour starts on 2nd April when it will visit Hamworthy’s customers in the South West, before moving on to London and surrounding areas. The tour covers England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

To book the van and find out when it is near you, visit hamworty-heating.com/tour.

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