Hamworthy launches compact condensing water heater

Commercial boiler manufacturer and hot water solutions specialist Hamworthy Heating has launched a series of new compact direct-fired condensing water heaters for smaller applications. The Dorchester DR-CC extends Hamworthy’s hot water range to offer a solution for every building.

The Dorchester DR-CC water heater comes in 9 models with a storage capacity ranging from 160 to 380 litres, available as gas or LPG-fired version. Starting from an input of 12.1kW, the WRAS-approved water heater is ideal for small to medium-sized commercial projects. An efficiency of 106 – 109% with modulating burner makes it more economic to run, thanks to close load matching which ensures less wasted energy and reduced running costs. This is also reflected in the Dorchester DR-CC’s “A” energy rating and NOx emissions lower than 38mg/kWh, exceeding upcoming ErP (Energy-related Products Directive) rules. As a direct-fired water heater, it can operate independently from a gas boiler, optimising efficiencies in both hot water and heating system.

Kevin Potter, Business Development Manager for Hot Water Solutions at Hamworthy, adds,

“We’re pleased to welcome the Dorchester DR-CC water heater to our range – it’s compact, yet powerful. It’s great we could extend our product offer even further by lower output models. The Energy-related Products Directive is about to cause another major change in the industry: atmospheric water heaters will not meet the efficiency requirements coming into force on 26th September 2018. However, our new condensing water heater exceeds those requirements. The regulation will also enforce maximum NOx emission levels from the same date, the Dorchester DR-CC’s are already much lower than the legislation will dictate.”

The heat exchanger coil is located in the middle of the unit which enables heat to be distributed evenly throughout the cylinder. This makes stratification in the unit less likely and removes the need for a recirculation kit. Thanks to a down-firing burner, the impact of scale is also reduced. The integrated low level pressure switch stops operation of the burner if the gas supply fails or is too low and automatically turns it back on when conditions are correct – without the need for an engineer.

Flexible flue options combined with minimal clearances and a compact size allow an installation almost anywhere, while fitting through a standard door for easy access to the plant room. Fully room-sealed, it can also be sited in small compartmental areas. Simple controls and components accessible through the cover make operation and maintenance easy and low-cost. An optional unvented kit is available to enable direct connection to mains water supply, while improving hot water pressures in low-level buildings.

For peace of mind, the Dorchester DR-CC is delivered with low-maintenance inert anodes to protect the vessel against corrosion.

For advice on making the right choice for your heating and hot water systems, talk to Hamworthy; telephone 01202 662500, email sales@hamworthy-heating.com, or visit www.hamworthy-heating.com.

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