Hammersley House Refurbishment features Underfloor Air Conditioning

AET Flexible Space, underfloor air conditioning specialists have just completed another West End project in London at Hammersley House, 5-8 Warwick Street. The six storey, 16,311 sq. ft. building has undergone a full redevelopment, including redesigned windows and a vibrant new green brick façade to grant more architectural definition and visual interest from the street.  The underfloor air conditioning system, specified by M&E Consultant, MTT is a CAM-V direct expansion (DX) system, with underfloor supply air and return air at high level.  The high level return air option is often preferred as it can offer greater flexibility for positioning Fantiles for future and speculative tenants as there is no air segregation baffle dividing the underfloor plenum.  A total of seven CAM-V downflow units supply conditioned air to the four floors of office accommodation.  These each are connected to respectively sized, high efficiency heat pumps located on the rooftop.  The underfloor void is 400mm, more than adequate to accommodate the standard TU4 Fantile unit which have additional 500W heaters for additional trimming performance. A total of 59 Fantiles were supplied, approximately 15 per floor and the system is connected to a central BMS using an AET Flexgateway interface module.


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