Hager launches new guide

Hager has introduced a free Ashley Junction Box Guide to the 17th Edition.  It has been produced because electricians may be unwittingly breaking the wiring regulations by using the wrong junction box for an application and thus not complying with the Part P of the Building Regulations.
Hager product Manager for Ashley wiring accessories, Jane Yorke says:  “A loose or disconnected cable is a hidden danger.  Junction boxes have now come under close inspection.  For many applications the traditional circular junction boxes will not comply.
“They can be used if the location is accessible for inspection and maintenance and if it is suitably fixed to a support.  If this is not the case then other solutions must be found.”
The 16-page guide outlines the requirements of the regulations and how they affect cable connections and junction boxes.  It goes on to recommend solutions depending on the application.
It concludes by outlining a product selection guide based on a decision tree and also outlines Hager’s range of traditional junction boxes, plus its new downlighter and maintenance free junction boxes.

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