Hager brings intelligence

Hager claims that the humble wiring accessory is evolving as it launches its intelligent room controller.  The four sides of the accessory are touch sensitive and can be used to control different combinations of lighting, blinds or curtains and heating, either individually or in a group.
It is used with the company’s Tebis TX bus control system or other KNX compatible technology. Control can be simply on/off for lighting, blinds or heating or to set levels.  Functions can be clearly labelled and displayed on a backlit LCD either visually or as text.
So for example in a lounge one push button may simply turn the lights on and off, with the heating set to 20oC.  A second, labelled ‘Watch a movie’, dims the lights to a preset level and closes the blinds.
Similarly a control unit by the front door may have one button labelled ‘I’m going out’ which turns off all the lights and sets the heating to frost protection.  Another holiday button can set up a security scenario where presence is simulated by turning the lights on and off.

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