Hager and Klik qualify for tax relief

The total cost of Hager’s Klik Digital Connection System (DCS) qualifies for tax relief under the government’s Enhanced Capital Allowances scheme.

Using the scheme, all of the product cost, and in some circumstances, installation costs can be claimed as a taxable benefit from the Inland Revenue in year 1, rather than through depreciation. This will reduce a customer’s tax bill in the year of the investment to significantly improve cash flow.

Qualifying products from Hager include its Klik occupancy sensors and its occupancy sensors combined with daylight detection and control. Also included is the Klik digital connection system, or marshalling box.

Other products from the company’s control products portfolio include time controllers and a daylight detection and switching controller. The latter consists of a photo electric cell which, when used in conjunction with a relay, provides on/off control of lighting circuits.

The company has included an energy calculator on its website to show the cost savings possible and how much tax can be claimed back as capital expenditure.

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