Grundfos put science on a firm footing

Grundfos put science on a firm footing support imageLund University is one of Northern Europe’s oldest and most prestigious seats of learning.  It consistently ranks in the world’s top 100 universities. Contained within it, is the MAX IV laboratory that currently supports 1000+ scientists a year that are undertaking research into areas such as: material science, biotechnology, medicine, energy and the environment.  Next year will be an important one for the facility as a new super microscope; will provide valuable new knowledge as it will deliver the brightest synchrotron light source in the world.

Due to the extreme sensitivity of such equipment, it has been an important part of the planning to ensure that every aspect associated with this new microscope, was carefully engineered. This meant ensuring that all the equipment within the facility created little or no vibration, as this would affect the brightness of the light source – which included all the pumps and pumping systems.  This was when Lund University turned to Grundfos who provided them not only with a complete bespoke pump solution to support the facility, but also delivered the pumps on inertia bases, which will further help to absorb any vibration.

Because of the new opportunities that an advanced microscope of this nature could offer, the laboratory will attract the best research projects and scientists and it is expected that the facility could pave the way for new energy production, artificial photosynthesis or new medicines. Grundfos are proud to be associated with such an important venture.

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