Grundfos make significant contribution to COVID-19 research

Grundfos are an organisation who understands their responsibility to protect their staff, community as well as the wider society and this is even more important now, as 2020 continues to evolve into a year that no-one could have predicted.  However, there are still some positive signs that demonstrate the indomitability of the human spirit.

At Grundfos, we have always supported innovation and we are proud of our reputation of being at the forefront of pump technology.  This is now manifesting itself in a more profound way, as the Poul Due Jensen Foundation (the Grundfos Foundation) have recently pledged to expand their donation remit  This means that in this Grundfos’ 75th anniversary year, the Foundation have pledged a huge £25m, to support research into COVID-19.

It is still unclear as to when we might be completely clear of this deadly spectre, but we do believe that if we stand shoulder-to-shoulder (metaphorically speaking) we can collectively combat this silent killer and it is up to all of us to make whatever contribution in whatever way we can.

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