Grundfos combat legionella effectively with disinfection

Effective water disinfection is very important in all buildings.  The Oxiperm Pro is a bespoke chlorine dioxide generator from Grundfos that has full WRAS approval. Chlorine dioxide is vital in providing clean water to a variety of potentially susceptible applications including hotels, sports & leisure facilities and hospitals.

Chlorine dioxide is a powerful disinfection selection, and has excellent bactericidal, viricidal, sporicidal and algicidal properties. Specifically, within water purification, chlorine dioxide has the major advantage of ensuring clean water from the tap where the action of other methods such as hot water sterilisation is less effective and costly. It remains in the system for a long time, which means it disinfects even without extracting water.  Another big advantage of chlorine dioxide over other disinfectants such as hot water sterilisation is its effectiveness against biofilms.

The Oxiperm Pro generator offers many features and benefits that are unmatched by other disinfection methods:

  • removes both legionella and biofilm
  • no effect on water taste and smell
  • low life cycle cost compared to sterilisation by hot water
  • immediately effective
  • does not produce bromates or THM (toxic and cancer promoters)
  • water pH adaptable
  • removes scalding risk from hot water
  • long-term effect
  • highly soluble
  • disinfectant made-up on demand
  • compact design

The Oxiperm Pro is a compact robust system which is easy to install, operate and maintain. Up to 90% of operating costs in energy reduction can be saved compared to sterilisation by hot water method.

With so many pro’s in favour of these units, the Grundfos Oxiperm Pro is a disinfection solution that really does add up.

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