Grundfos can give you the boost you need

As life starts to return to a more usual rhythm, there are a number of areas that will inevitably have been overlooked or were neglected that will now need attention. One of these will be M&E systems, as large numbers of buildings will have lain dormant or on tick over, meaning urgent attention will be required to ensure systems are fit for purpose to deliver what is required of them.  This will include having a sufficient water to meet the inevitable resurgence of demand.

This is where Grundfos can help, as we have a put into place a Booster FastTrack, where sets are built locally at a site of engineering excellence, that can also support a speedy 5-day despatch on over twenty of the most frequently requested 2- and 3- pump booster models. These energy efficient sets are available in 1ph and 3ph, and benefit from the inherent reliability of our integral pumps, as well as offering a wide range of features as standard.

We are all in a hurry to get life back to normal as quickly as possible, so let Grundfos work in partnership with you to help to achieve reliability and resilience with regard to all your boosting needs.  Visit the Grundfos Product Center at because we have your back.

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