Greasefighter from Fläkt Woods

Fläkt Woods has launched the new Powerbox – Greasefighter, a new generation of kitchen canopy fan, featuring an externally located motor, enabling high performance canopy extraction, at high temperatures.

Greasefighter has been purpose-designed for commercial kitchen exhaust systems, to remove heat produced by cooking appliances, as well as kitchen odours, smoke and products of combustion, in order to maintain a comfortable working environment for kitchen staff.

Featuring motor-out-of-airstream, the new Greasefighter can operate within much higher ambient temperatures, of up to 80oC.

Faye Young, external sales engineer at Fläkt Woods says: “As a result of tighter legislation, the system resistance in traditional canopy solutions is dramatically increasing.  Filtration of contaminated air and odours means that fans suitable for use with carbon filters are required. Our new Powerbox – Greasefighter can cope with the demand for high pressure systems and the customer can also benefit from multiple outlet positions, at 90o to the inlet potentially saving up to 2-3 metres of ducting per installation where space is limited.”

Its compact design combined with its housing construction of double skinned pre-fabricated mild sheet steel makes the product suitable for either internal or external mounting.

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