Granular coil cleaner

DiversiTech UK has launched a new Granular Coil Cleaner, part of its flagship Pro-Universal range, for the UK refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance market.
The Pro-Universal Granular Coil Cleaner is described by the company as a highly effective, non-acid, cleaner concentrate. Designed to be mixed with water, the product is suitable for use on both condenser and evaporator coils and the company says it exceeds all the cleaning properties of conventional foaming liquid products.
Developed by DiversiTech’s technical team at its chemical factory in Florida the company believes a Granular Coil Cleaner saves space in a warehouse or in the back of a service van, is easy to use and is not hazardous to store or transport.
Tom Fitzsimons, Product Manager for DiversiTech UK, said: “Because this is a granular product it dissolves quickly and easily in water making it ideal for all types of application.
“Also being packed in a small lightweight bottle, the product is much more convenient to carry than liquid cleaners and presents no problem to deal with in the event of a spillage.”
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