Glow-worm’s Hybrid domestic heating system – 30% fuel savings & 40% reduction in carbon footprint

New data just released shows that Glow-worm’s Hybrid domestic heating system can help cut heating fuel bills by up to 30% when replacing an existing standard efficiency boiler. Even bigger savings are possible if the boiler is the old heavyweight style one. The new data also shows that that Hybrid can reduce a home’s carbon footprint by up to 40%, again, when replacing a standard efficiency boiler.


Glow-worm’s Hybrid system automatically chooses the most cost effective method of heating their home.  It brings together renewable and traditional energy sources to offer homeowners a heating system that is environmentally conscious and cost efficient for domestic heating and hot water. 


Clearly Hybrid uses its advanced control system to automatically choose when to use low carbon renewable energy from the heat pump or traditional energy from the high efficiency boiler depending upon which source provides the most cost effective option, based on your customers heating requirements, energy tariff and outside temperature.


The key benefit of a Hybrid solution to householders in both the private and public sectors is that the system will always use the most cost efficient fuel, be it electricity or gas, optimising fuel running costs and lowering carbon emissions.


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