Glow-worm’s clearly solar

Glow-worm, the one-stop shop for all your solar thermal needs, has developed its Clearly Solar all-in-one packs to make installation as simple and uncomplicated as it could possibly be. Their flat plate solar thermal packs include everything needed for a hassle free, speedy, installation and make it very easy for installers to achieve best practice.

Because the Clearly Solar packs are delivered to your choice of destination, complete with all necessary components, the inconvenience associated with ordering various bits from different sources is eliminated – one, hassle-free delivery contains everything. From placing the order through to installation, this philosophy saves time so that installers can get on with installing.

“If you take into account the obvious advantage and convenience of one point of contact for warranty too, then the Glow-worm support for installers from start to finish, is the logical approach” says Paul Honeyman for Glow-worm.

He goes on to say that when it comes to the installation the well thought out, practical, improved features of Clearly Solar even makes the installation a straightforward procedure.

Glow-worm has published a free booklet, ‘Guide to Microgeneration’, which answers all the questions about solar thermal and microgeneration.


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