Glow-worm strengthen position in renewable technology market

A new range of air to water heat pumps has been launched by Glow-worm. The range is dubbed the Clearly Heat Pump range and consists of a single external unit requiring just an electricity supply and heating flow/return connections. There is no need for expensive ground loops or drilling of bore holes.

The Glow-worm Clearly Heat Pump is highly efficient – for every 1kW of electrical power consumed to run the compressor, up to 3.91kW of heat energy is produced. Clearly Heat Pumps are available in three outputs, 8kW, 10kW, 14kW, supplied in a choice of five pre-determined packs which include all the necessary key components for the heating system installation.

Combined with Glow-worm’s range of Clearly Solar systems, Clearly Heat Pumps provide Glow-worm customers with a renewable energy solution suitable for most new build applications. By adding a Solar Thermal system, the homeowner gets even more renewable energy efficiency (an additional benefit of up to 60% of their annual domestic hot water).

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