Glow-Worm expands range

Glow-worm has introduced whole house mechanical ventilation with heat recovery into its growing range of renewable energy solutions.

The new Glow-worm units will be sold under the name of Clearly Heat Recovery and will be available in two sizes, HRD 275 and HRD 350, which will meet the ventilation requirements for both small-medium and larger sized properties respectively.

The Glow-worm Clearly Heat Recovery unit contains an extract fan, a supply fan and a heat exchanger which recovers the energy from the extracted air. The heat exchanger is up to 85% efficient and therefore reduces the heat requirement of the home. The fans distribute the air via a system of balanced ductwork and grilles or air valves routed through the property.

By installing the Glow-worm Clearly Heat Recovery unit, up to 85% of the heat contained in the extracted air, which would otherwise be lost, is returned to the home. An aluminium heat exchanger with a robust and long life element is one of the most efficient in the market, and the unit is constructed to eliminate cross contamination of the air flows.

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