Global manufacturer of air curtains and heaters – VTS Poland

We have been manufacturing our products for over 20 years – continuously. Starting our business in Poland, today we are in more than 50 countries around the world.

Our air heaters and air curtains meet the requirements of clients all over  Europe. Unique design, which is proved by iF award, and reliability – we sell more than 85 000 equipment units annually. It something that makes our products so different.

The WING air curtains and VOLCANO heaters are also characterized by low consumption of electricity and high air expenditure. VR mini heater, the power consumption requirement is 0.095 kW and the maximum air flow is 2100 m3/h. Air curtain W150, the power consumption requirement is 0,18 kW, and the maximum air flow is 3100 m3/h.

All of our units we produce with EC motors, makes them very efficient and eco-friendly.

Our solutions are easy-to-use in the case of mounting, operation process and maintenance. One mounting handle for heaters and up to 3 holders for air curtains. Low weight. The whole makes the transport and installation process friendly and simple – no surprises.

The use of microprocessor technology in VOLCANO EC and WING EC controllers enables the individual adjustment of many parameters of the device to customer needs. A large display is convenient for reading the basic parameters and changing them.

Thanks to our controllers you are able to:

– maintain desired temperature in automatic mode

– control fan speed automatically and manually

– use your air curtain in interaction with door opening sensor (WING)

– set up weekly work time program

– connect your device with BMS systems


VTS air heaters and air curtains are a guarantee of reliability, they are easy to use and, finally, guarantee the cost savings.

We provide a 5 year warranty, this is a new standard for the market. In case of any problems, We simply send a new air heater/ air curtain.

VTS. Excellence in simplicity.

Contact with us via email or phone:

+48 58 628 13 54

HQ Division

Olivia Tower

Al. Grunwaldzka 472 A

80-309 Gdańsk, Poland

VAT ID: 844-17-66-497

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