Global building industry leader Kingspan launches plans to tackle climate change

  • 12 ‘Planet Passionate’ commitments to reduce environmental impact by 2030
  • Expansion on Net Zero Energy and ocean clean-up initiatives
  • Kingspan also announced as new member of Circular Economy 100 (CE100) network

Global building industry leader Kingspan has launched a major 10-year strategy to play its part in reducing the world’s carbon emissions by 45% by 2030, as determined in the Paris Agreement, and contribute towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
The Planet Passionate strategy is made up of 12 ambitious targets, addressing the impact of Kingspan’s business operations and manufacturing on the four key areas of energy, carbon, circularity and water. Details can be found at:
In recognition of its continued sustainability commitments, Kingspan has also announced membership of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100 (CE100), the world’s leading circular economy network.
Planet Passionate will not only impact on the environmental footprint of Kingspan’s business, but also aims to enhance the environmental performance of its products by reducing embodied carbon and enhancing circularity, making the buildings where they are used more sustainable too.
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