Building services can more easily align with current interior design fashions with a new option in ventilation.

Reflecting trending design for ceilings in commercial buildings, Gilberts has refined its standard, linear and high capacity slot diffuser border options to enable plasterwork to run right up to the vents cut out in the ceiling. With this the aesthetic is maintained without a visible chamfer or flanged edge.

The new plaster border option features an elongated external flange, which is screw-fixed into the ceiling, and then simply plaster-skimmed over.

“Because we undertake every aspect of our products’ design and manufacture in-house, we can make appropriate adjustments to accommodate particular design requirements more quickly,” explains Gilberts’ managing director Jonathan Haslam. “Further, we have state-of-the-art processing technology to implement tweaks or bigger changes to be included very cost-effectively. That enables our customers to deliver their client needs, specifications with a quality, best-value solution.”

Gilberts’ aluminium slot diffusers have been designed to meet exacting performance criteria. They deliver smooth, accurate air distribution, via a discreet directional control vane in each slot that directs the airflow as required- across the ceiling in either direction, or discharged vertically downwards. A choice of slot numbers and widths in each unit enable precise tailoring to each project’s specific requirements.

Units can be supplied up to 2m in length, and joined to achieve longer runs without impact on aesthetics.

Founded 55 years ago, Gilberts Blackpool is Britain’s leading independent air movement specialist, and is unique in its ability to develop components- be it ‘mainstream’ or bespoke- entirely in-house, from initial design through tooling, production, testing and supply, at its 90,000 ft2 manufacturing facility. Its state of the art test centre, designed and built in-house, is one of the most technically advanced in the country.

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