Gilberts HG Series

Gilberts HG Series provides a tough, uncompromising but safe grille solution for both air supply and extract applications in sports halls, gymnasiums and other similar areas.

In the past, for large sports hall grilles, Gilberts have typically offered a stainless steel grille solution. Stainless steel grilles are certainly strong but they are not easy to fabricate and are often less aesthetically pleasing. Gilberts have been working on a fresh new alternative instead, based on aluminium, yet still retaining the high strength required over large grille surface areas.

The new HG Series is the result, and comprises of substantial 10mm section rounded aerofoil vertical blades set close on a 16mm pitch to provide a strong central air distribution core. Framing the core is a large 50mm flange border frame with welded mitred corners to offer a strong and comfortable size landing for fixing to the structure. The flange border frame also includes smooth outer edges to reduce the risk of any collision type injury, whist the narrow blade pitch on the core eliminates the risk of finger trapping.

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