Getting on board with Hounsfield Boilers

Hounsfield Boilers’ external Tuscan oil-fired boiler has been installed on a houseboat and modified to run on diesel.

The Sir Max Atkin was a lifeboat that had saved over 150 lives, but the boat was about to change beyond all recognition when Guy Gregson purchased it for his new home. Guy turned to Hollie Stallworthy of Hollies Heating. Guy explains: “The boat has two-and-a-half tonnes of red diesel for power, so I needed a system that could run from it. Speaking with Hollie it was clear that there was not an obvious company that could help me”. Hollie contacted all of the big-name boiler companies but none would offer any guarantees for their boilers to run on red diesel. Hollie then asked for help on a heating social media forum, and it was here that Hounsfield Boilers came recommended.

Hollie says: “I hadn’t come across Hounsfield Boilers before, so I gave them a call. I found them very helpful”. Hollie continued: “The company’s MD, Andrew Hounsfield, answered all of the questions I had, so I felt confident and ordered one. The commissioning of the boiler did not take long as everything had been set up perfectly when the boiler was dispatched from the factory”.

For Andrew Hounsfield the modifications that needed to be made to the boiler were slight: “We are a small company and can easily adapt our production line to help customers use our boilers in bespoke applications, and we were happy to help Hollie and Guy”.

For Guy the Hounsfield Boiler was perfect: “It’s simple to use and I can forget that it is running, it’s so quiet and reliable and very economical”. Hollie adds: “The boiler was priced very competitively and the no quibble guarantee was wonderful. It’s nice, as an engineer, to deal with something so simple and to have a happy customer”.

Hollie installed a Hounsfield Tuscan oil-fired Boiler, which was designed and manufactured in Britain. To find out more about Hounsfield Boilers please visit – or call 01449 722461.

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