Get the lowdown on Grundfos submersibles

Having seen our wettest February since records began, it is becoming an accepted fact that we are facing more extreme variation in our weather patterns that are impacting on our rainfall. This means more situations that will require the successful removal of non-aggressive water, drain water or grey wastewater. Regardless of whether this is in an emergency situation or is just part of a scheduled maintenance activity, these various scenarios all require the services of a submersible drainage pump to remove the unwanted water.

Unilift CC 0001

This is where Grundfos can help as they have a great range of submersible pumps that through their robust design and reliable operation, will support many drainage scenarios. Like the lightweight Unillift CC range that are virtually maintenance free and are the preferred solution for a range of applications including ponds and swimming pools. The Unilift KP is a stainless-steel family that are great for a range of applications including those involving effluent from domestic septic and sludge treatment systems.  Where there is a greater demand, then the Unilift AP is the right choice for a range of applications as it can cope with a flow rate of 9.44 l/s and a 18m head.

So, no matter what the circumstance, Grundfos have a pump solution that is right for your drainage needs.  Visit to find out more.

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