Get round to exposed ceilings

A new dimension is being added to building services as part of an exposed ceiling design.

Gilberts Blackpool, Britain’s leading independent provider of value engineered air distribution solutions, has applied its expertise beyond the primary visual element, the diffuser. Now, the company can manufacture circular plenum chambers, to interface with its entire range of circular swirl diffusers.

The zinc-plated plenum options enhance the aesthetics of the ventilation, creating a more integrated appearance between ductwork and diffuser. They also provide enhanced distribution of warm air, saving energy.

“Historically plenums would be concealed above the ceiling structure. The trend towards designing an open ceiling with exposed ductwork has meant designers are becoming more aware of the design aesthetics of all components of the ventilation system,” explained Gilberts’ Technical Director Roy Jones. “Round, swirl diffusers are increasingly commonly being chosen because of the synergy with round ductwork. It was therefore logical in our eyes to look at ways we could contribute further towards a unity of construction silhouette.”

Gilberts has developed the plenums entirely in-house, from concept to production: the company designed and manufactured the tools and presses required, then validated the component via its in-house CFD capability and test laboratory.

The circular plenum is available to integrate with Gilberts’ range of round swirl diffusers, particularly the fixed and adjustable GS range, that features a copyright design for optimised, omni-directional discharge.

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