Get in the comfort zone

WindowMaster has launched an innovative new indoor climate solution for small and medium-sized buildings.

Called NV Comfort the new control system enables an optimal indoor climate through consistent pure natural ventilation. At the same time it can save enough energy to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

The programmable and intelligent system automatically ensures that a window is in the position that will create and maintain the desired internal air temperature and closes the window automatically if it starts to rain or the wind blows too heavily.

NV Comfort is well suited for new buildings and renovations for small and medium sized buildings such as schools, offices, healthcare facilities, hotels, exhibition buildings, sports centres and other buildings where there is focus on reducing CO2 emissions.

International research shows increased productivity and learning capacity of up to 15% with the right indoor climate. Natural ventilation prevents headaches, fatigue, irritated eyes and concentration difficulties. Since people spend up to 90% of their time indoors, internal air quality is very important.

NV Comfort is based on WindowMaster’s established NV Advance system for management of natural ventilation in larger projects, such as schools and offices.

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