Get clear intelligence from your building data

Looking for readable, reliable analytics delivered to your inbox or integrated with your building control system? RC-Reporter software from Reliable Controls extracts intelligence from your building data and helps you discover actionable insights to improve your operational efficiency.

With RC-Reporter, you can build custom reports quickly and easily, and share or schedule their distribution to recipients you choose. Component tools allow you to analyze your building performance using well-designed reports customized for your audience. Components allow you to:

  • Chart a slice of data for a particular date or time range.
  • Chart an average of data for the same period.
  • Compare data from different time periods.
  • Compare data for multiple devices, room, zones, and more.
  • Aggregate data from several time periods to identify trends.
  • Combine related data points into summed values, and compare the proportion of each.
  • Show the effect of one data point on another.

The software even includes sample data and reports to demonstrate the best use of RC-Reporter components and queries that you can easily modify for your own data.

Learn more about how to optimize your building’s performance using RC-Reporter:

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