GEM provides fast payback

Metered tests carried out on Thermal Energy International’s GEM steam traps by Italcables, Italy’s largest producer of wire strands for pre-stressed concrete and post-tensioned structures, have shown steam savings of up to 30% compared to mechanical traps. Now, Italcables has fitted GEM traps to its steam baths and kettle boiler used for ‘pickling’ and treating iron wire strands.

Steam is a primary energy source at the company’s facility in Cepagatti, Eastern Italy and a major cost in the production process. As the mechanical steam traps regularly failed, resulting in lost steam, reduced performance and additional expenditure, Energy Manager, Mr Rizzinelli, was interested in conducting a metered trial to validate the energy savings made with GEM.

The mechanical traps fitted to the steam baths and kettle boiler were replaced by the GEM venturi design and steam meters utilised to test their performance.  The results showed that the GEM traps were reducing steam consumption by 20-30%.

Mr Rizzinelli said: “The test results together with the steam meter readings have proved that the GEM traps save energy and operate well over a wide range of condensate loads.”

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