GEM extends range

GEM is expanding its product range with the launch of a state-of-the-art Ceramic Microfiltration System (CMF). Able to remove suspended and emulsified containments from wastewater without the addition of treatment chemicals, GEM’s CMF provides companies with a massive reduction in water and effluent costs. 

Providing a return on investment in less than two years, the CMF reduces water usage, and can reduce energy consumption by also recovering the heat in the wastewater. Suspended and emulsified contaminants are removed producing a water quality which is often better than that of the raw water stock from which the effluent was produced.

Using highly effective cross-flow filtration technology, contaminated wastewater is fed through the CMF’s ceramic filter channels at high velocity. The ceramic filters are coated with fine membranes, which provide filtration to a variety of sub-micron pore sizes. The cleaned filtrate is diverted to a storage system for recycling whilst rejected contaminants are collected in a small concentrate waste stream.

Requiring no full time operator and necessitating only minimal maintenance, the CMF’s cost effective, compact and totally pre-piped design is fully automated and user friendly.

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