Geesinknorba’s narrow-track bin lorry is the solution for tight spaces

With pressure mounting on local authorities to build more houses in less space, access is a real challenge facing them, especially when it comes to access for big, bulky traffic such as refuse collection vehicles (RCV). They are difficult to ignore – and not just because of their size: the bottom line is that they do provide an essential service.

But while planners ponder how to provide easy access while optimising the use of space, RCV manufacturer Geesinknorba has come up with a real solution: a narrow, highly-manoeuvrable vehicle which still carries a sizeable payload.

The ‘narrow-track’ RCV has been developed through a collaboration between Geesinknorba, the NRG Group and DAF Trucks who, between them, identified this growing niche in the UK market.

The vehicle has a narrow 17m3 Geesinknorba GPM IV body fitted with a Geesinknorba bin lift. This is mounted on a DAF LF 280 16 tonne chassis with an additional mid-steer axle added to give a gross vehicle weight of 22.5 tonnes.

This leaves it with a payload of nearly 10 tonnes, depending on the waste stream collected, meaning it can still operate very efficiently without having to break off from a collection round to go and be emptied. Or put another way, it combines the collection capacity of much larger vehicle with the speed on an urban round of a much smaller vehicle, moving through traffic and tight streets with the sort of ease that would put a smile on the face of any fleet manager.

Mick Hill, Geesinknorba’s UK General Manager, said: “The idea came from conversations with Riverside Truck Rental, a part of NRG Group, who are long-established customers of ours. They saw a gap in the market for a good quality narrow-track vehicle at a fair price and talked to us about it.

“The vehicle is built on tried-and-tested kit – we already made narrow-bodied vehicles. And the DAF chassis already had a great turning circle. But when it was fitted with an additional mid-steer axle and we mounted the body and lift, the result was a very manoeuvrable vehicle with a turning circle that would beat everything else hands-down. The cab is also designed to offer very good visibility, making it ideal for tight streets where traffic and passing can be an issue.

“As a mainstream DAF vehicle, it is also backed up by the UK network of 140 DAF dealers for parts and service – something operators will welcome. And another key selling point is that the vehicle is very competitively priced.

“Along with the price, of course, the operating costs will be attractive too. This has been one of the most compelling features of the GPM IV body which we launched three years ago and which is now firmly in place as our flagship vehicle. But you can add to that the improved fuel economy of a vehicle that doesn’t get held up so often.

“The narrow-track vehicle has already proven very popular with customers, who benefit from fewer hold-ups, quicker collections and greater operational efficiency.

“And it will seem a lot friendlier to the general public as they go about their daily activities because it is less intrusive … not presenting such an obstruction for motorists and being easier to see past and overtake. Yet it still achieves the sort of payloads associated with a much bigger vehicle.”

The narrow-track vehicles are all built to be totally up to date with technological innovations so that they meet the latest emissions and safety needs of the industry.

Mick Hill added: “Customers expect new vehicles to produce lower emissions and they need them to because they could be using them in the London Low Emission Zone or one of the other low emission zones planned for other metropolitan areas. And they also want the vehicles to meet the Clocs (Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety) safety standard too, which is vital for operating in many places in the UK.

“We’re delighted with the way the vehicle has been received by customers. It achieves exactly what we promise it will. And, of course, they love the fact that a quality vehicle in this class is now available at such a competitive price.

“From a business perspective, the narrow-track vehicle is providing more choice to Geesinknorba’s existing customers and is also opening the door to new customers.

“We have a long-standing reputation as innovators in the waste and recycling industry. This vehicle came about because we listened to and understood our customers’ needs. We’re still listening – so call us.”

Geesinknorba will be at the RWM Show on stands 5Q40-R41 and 5Q50-R51



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