Gas detector for car parks

The new Crowcon Hydra addressable gas detection system provides a novel way of detecting toxic gases from vehicle exhausts, such as Carbon Monoxide (CO), oxides of Nitrogen (NO/NO2) and petrol vapour, in enclosed or underground car parks.
Many car parks run ventilator fans continuously, but this is very inefficient and energy intensive. The Crowcon Hydra offers an alternative method of gas monitoring so fans only need to run when required. Addressable gas detector systems like the Crowcon Hydra also cost less to install than conventional point-to-point systems, with a single control unit capable of monitoring up to 120 separate gas detector heads distributed throughout a car park.

The detectors’ electrochemical sensors provide superior performance compared with semiconductor detectors often used in car park gas detectors, with dramatically reduced false alarms. The system has four programmable relays for controlling fans and/or alarms, and a further 128 outputs can be added.

The control unit can be positioned anywhere – such as a plant room or office – and provides a continuous, easy to read backlit LCD display of all operating conditions and gas levels.

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