Future proof your boiler room

The Climate Change Act has made it a legal requirement for the UK to reduce carbon emissions by 80% from the 1990 baseline by 2050. This could rise to 90% if the aviation industry fails to curb its own emissions. It’s a tall order, and the most logical place to start is with the biggest consumer – buildings.

The technology already exists to make significant reductions, while improving performance and allowing future advancements to be included at a later date. The Government has been slow in providing incentives for property owners to pay for these improvements. However, the industry is rising to the challenge by providing products with obvious benefits for the engineer, the environment and the customer. 

Multi-boiler prefabricated rigs

For large commercial properties, one solution, which developed from a need to reduce carbon emissions and save energy, is the prefabricated multi-boiler rig. This came about, in part, due to the Energy-using Products (EuP) Directive, which focuses on a product’s impact on the environment from manufacture to distribution, operation and servicing.

Bespoke, A-rated rigs are the way forward, offering made-to-measure plants individual to each job and specification. With bespoke heating technology, almost any heating output is achievable and flexibility is paramount.

To ensure peak performance and optimised output levels, rigs are designed with control panels that can be accessed through remote monitoring. State-of-the-art controls feature everything required for advanced management, as well as the option for outside temperature sensors. In addition to the advanced engineered controls, the rig systems are easy to understand and operate, making them highly appealing to service engineers.

Benefits – engineer

Prefabricated, made-to-order boiler rig systems offer consultants speedy installation time, plant flexibility, bespoke heat output capacity, energy efficiency and a transparent specification. A key selling point for consultants is that rig technology meets the demands of contractors and installers too; a vital element in keeping abreast of the HVAC industry, as well as developing and maintaining loyalty among core customers.

Consultants need quick turnaround times and no surprises. Commercial buildings, such as hospitals and schools, need fast installations, with refurbishments taking place over a limited period of time to minimise any potential disruption to classrooms or patients alike.

The modular design of rig systems allows the designer complete freedom of choice and the prefabricated units enable the consultant to see the actual design of the rigs before manufacture begins.  This allows them to negotiate the layout of the site with ‘blueprint’ CAD drawings of the rig, and develop an educated and practical solution in collaboration with the manufacturer. In addition, carefully negotiated floor layouts also provide the contractor and installer with reduced site time, while the system’s easy plug and play operation allows for straightforward installation.

Speeding up the site time by fully understanding how much plant room space is available and economising on it vigilantly with high tech equipment, means the difference between consultants meeting deadlines or not.

Benefits – environment

The prefabricated rig heating solution, typically incorporating condensing boilers, pumps, pressurisation system and heating controls, offers energy saving opportunities at the manufacturing and distribution stages of production, as well as delivering a high-efficiency performance once installed. This is because all the components can be assembled at one location to significantly reduce transportation emissions and excess packaging. This approach eliminates the risk of individual components being lost during delivery or as the system is being constructed, reducing the environmental impact of having to reorder missing parts.

Each system module is ready for plug and play installation and is fully factory-tested, meaning the equipment is easier to commission. Using the most advanced technology available also guarantees reduced CO2 and NOx emissions.

Benefits – customer

Property owners need to be persuaded of the benefits of spending cash to improve their heating systems. The most obvious benefit is the reduction in their fuel bills once energy consumption is reduced, which will vary depending on the size of the property, the boilers chosen and accompanying products. A future-ready, energy efficient heating system with weather compensation heating controls will cut costs.

An added bonus is that installation of the new system will create the minimum fuss, as the prefabricated rigs can be assembled off site and delivered ready-to-go, reducing the risk of theft or disruption to normal working practice.

The solution

Keston multi-boiler bespoke prefabricated rigs are delivered to site preassembled, with a quick turnaround from order to delivery, and incorporate up to five units within a floor standing frame and up to 20 boilers operating in sequence across multiple frames. A dual boiler wall-hung rig is also available and the units are pre-piped to a single balance header.

A boiler sequencer is included with integral weather compensation controls to ensure the optimum use of the plant to meet demand and the rotation of the lead unit. The balance header includes tappings for an air vent, fill point/expansion vessel, drain off and system flow and return. A modem attached to a Keston rig provides remote monitoring of the unit by simple fax alert or a more comprehensive computer two-way communication – from the hotel reception to the boiler room, or to the other side of town.

Keston can accommodate almost any rig requirement, including integrated domestic hot water storage, system pumps, pressurisation units and more. The compact size and versatility of Keston’s products makes it perfect for modular designs, and the SEDBUK A rating of Keston’s entire range ensures peak operating efficiencies and minimum running costs.

Keston’s multi-boiler bespoke prefabricated rigs can incorporate any combination of the company’s C36, C40, C55, C90 and C110s. In addition, the Keston Qudos Duet incorporates the Qudos 28s and the Keston Spa unvented water storage cylinder with full ‘future ready’ control options fitted as standard, including a revolutionary facility for hot water modulating control and legionella protection.

For renewable ready products, the Keston Qudos range functions as an independent high efficiency boiler but can also, at any point, be seamlessly linked to an alternative energy source, such as solar thermal and/or air source heat pumps, enabling the perfect mix of renewable and fossil fuel energy to maximise efficiency and significantly reduce pollution. The Keston Qudos Duet has all the cost and energy-saving benefits of condensing technology, combined with speedy, uncomplicated and clear installation.

All Keston’s boilers also benefit from its unique flueing system – a small diameter (50mm) PVC-C waste pipe that can be extended vertically or horizontally up to 20m from the boiler enabling easy and hassle-free installation, and up to 60m using Keston’s 70mm flue. In addition, the standard PVC-C waste pipe is a fraction of the cost of conventional flues and is available from all builders’ merchants.

The fully prefabricated rig and flexible flueing options allow for swift positioning, facilitating the tight deadlines and demands of commercial buildings and ensuring happy customers and happy engineers.

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