Fujitsu’s mini VRF

Now available is the Fujitsu J-Series multi air conditioning VRF system, the next generation of air conditioning products designed and engineered to meet environmental and energy efficiency standards. Fujitsu’s J-series is quick and easy to install and commission – and provides the end-user with comfortable conditions throughout the year.

This versatile, compact range is ideally suited to domestic, retail or commercial premises and it has a host of new features to cater for varied applications. Incorporating the latest in advanced air conditioning technology, the J-Series VRF system has been engineered to meet six key requirements: high efficiency, economy, comfort, convenience, ease of operation, and ease of maintenance.

Retail premises are regularly upgraded and operating conditions for each unit can vary, so large-scale air conditioning management is problematic. Consequently, a VRF system like the Airstage J-Series can be matched to each and every single outlet.

The energy efficient, environmentally friendly J-Series can provide for all these variations and more and it allows an extensive combination of indoor and outdoor units according to the site.

Whether teamed with compact indoor wall-mounted units or ceiling cassettes or duct air conditioners there is a choice of six indoor model types.

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