Fujitsu expands Design Simulator software

Fujitsu Design Simulator 2Fujitsu has further developed its Design Simulator (DS) software, which allows air conditioning engineers to input site survey figures, system information and select equipment for a whole project on a computer to check that everything works with everything else.

Originally developed to simplify VRF selections, DS can now also select single splits and multi split system either on their own or, as part of a VRF project. All aspects from selecting controls and optional parts to designing piping and wiring systems is made easier by the program’s built-in features.

Once the project is designed, the export functions can be used to output materials lists, product specifications, refrigerant charge calculations and more. DS can also export reports in Word or Excel and export equipment drawings as DXF or BIM (RFA) files for the selected equipment. Drawings can also be selected manually from the on-board drawing file library. For the more advanced users it can also produce a quotation from a defined equipment and user item database.

Fujitsu Design Simulator 1Says Colin Goode, Fujitsu’s product and specification manager: “Accurately selecting equipment to match the cooling/heating loads for every application is a fundamental design requirement. Once calculated this data can be input into Design Simulator and equipment selected with confidence rather than rule of thumb guesswork”.

“Properly estimating and sizing equipment is vital to ensure cost effective and energy efficient systems and is vital to prevent over or under sizing of equipment. The ability of this program to select splits and multi systems, in addition to VRF, means the software now far more flexible than ever before. DS continues to evolve as more and more ideas and requests for more features are fed back to our software development team. DS software is freely available to download from a link in the VRF section of our FGEurofred website”.

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