Fujitsu Expand Applied Product Range

To compliment Fujitsu’s extensive range of split and VRF air conditioning systems they have expanded their applied product range to now include a range of air handling units that can connect to their highly efficient AIRSTAGE condensing units.

In addition to these new air handling units Fujitsu continue to supply an extensive range of chillers, rooftop units and close control solutions.


Air handling applications for the AIRSTAGE™ VRF system is the Fujitsu solution to the most demanding installations, where energy efficiency meets with the highest comfort.

The system is composed of VRF AIRSTAGE™ outdoor units from 10 to 54 HP and Air handling units for commercial and industrial buildings for thermo-ventilation and air conditioning purposes, covering air flow ranges from 4,300 to 18,100 m3/h and cooling capacities from 25 to 96 kW.

Fujitsu air handling units offer full comfort and air quality in buildings, providing clean treated air thanks to the advanced filtration and balanced temperature.

The system is simple to design and install. No additional external kits are required as the Air Handling Unit includes a DX-kit (Expansion valve and control PCB). AHU model selection is easy by using Fujitsu’s Selection Software.

Integrating an Air Handling Unit into the total building climate system simplifies both design and installation procedures based on a single common technology. From project follow-up to installation, commissioning and maintenance, all procedures are simplified.

In addition, Fujitsu can offer a range of energy recovery ventilator units as well as interfaces to connect both split and VRF condensing units to other manufacturers AHU’s.

Chillers, Rooftop & Condensing Units

Fujitsu offer a wide range of air cooled, water cooled and condenserless liquid Chillers as well as Dry-Coolers, Packaged Roof Top units, Condensing units and Fan Coil units for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Today’s challenge in HVAC business is ensuring maximum comfort with the lowest energy consumption. Thanks to continuous research in new technical solutions, Fujitsu offers its newest and widest high efficiency range characterized by A CLASS energy efficiency with the highest SEER/ESEER/IPLV/SCOP, including models with Scroll, Screw, Turbocor and Centrifugal compressors.

In a market increasingly concerned with environmental issues, Fujitsu is able to provide the widest offering of liquid Chillers operating with low GWP refrigerants. The latest generation refrigerant HFO-R1234ze, with GWP < 1 (Global Warming Potential), is the most environmentally sustainable refrigerant in the market. Fujitsu provides two new ranges of Aircooled or Watercooled liquid Chillers both with Turbocor or Screw compressors specially designed for HFO-R1234ze refrigerant. Moreover, units with traditional R410A and R134a refrigerants can be supplied, on request, with low GWP alternatives, respectively R452B and R513A.

Close Control Systems

Fujitsu offers a range of specifically designed close control products to fulfil your various types of applications, based on total climate control, reliability and energy efficiency.

Our units provide constant temperature control combined with Extremely high Sensible Capacity levels of up to 100% SHR. Accurate dehumidification prevents the risk of condensation and corrosion on the racks, while maintaining levels to prevent static loads, harmful to data security.  Dedicated versions equipped with humidifying and/or dehumidifying systems maintain the optimal level of humidity in every situation.

Fujitsu precision air conditioners, designed to operate 24/7, 365 days a year, feature components specifically designed for continuous use and maximum security. The materials are among the most resistant on the market, such as the paints and panels with thermo-acoustic and fireproof insulation that the unit structure is made of.

Specific models are designed according to an internal redundancy system to ensure System operation even in the case of unit failure, such as the dual fluid and dual coil models, or the double cooling circuit versions. The LOGICA rear cooling door System is a patented system against hydraulic leaks to guarantee maximum data protection.

In Data Centre Systems, a considerable part of total energy consumption is due to air conditioning on year-round operation. Accordingly, it is essential to design a cooling system that minimises energy consumption.

Our units achieve this by employing the latest inverter technology combined with free cooling ranges and selected units equipped with the LOGICA System, an integrated cooling system for high density systems that offer up to 83% in energy saving in comparison to traditional solutions.


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