From pigsties to palaces and chapels to colleges, Priva UK congratulates Historic England on 70 years of The List

The variety of new sites added to the latest National Heritage List for England (The List) by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has been welcomed by Priva UK, a leading UK building controls manufacturer which is helping conservationists future-proof their historic buildings for the benefit of generations to come.

Anders Noren, Managing Director of Priva UK said, “While hobbit houses, First World War wireless stations and fairground rides aren’t many people’s idea of historic, important or listed sites, it is crucial that they and the other properties named in The List are conserved for future generations.

“History is not just contained in a country’s grand palaces, institutions and galleries, but also in its schools, churches, industrial buildings and pleasure grounds. It is crucial that the same passion, interest and conservation energy is lavished up on these as well as the more traditional locations.

“Historic England’s own figures show that 99.3% of people in England live less than a mile from a listed heritage asset. Given the often reported current sense of isolation that people feel, it is important to note that Heritage Open Days reports that 86% of visitors reported that open days made them more proud of their local area and 75% reported it made them feel more a part of their local community.

“Perhaps it is time for conservators, professionals and authorities to make use of the potential within local communities to bring the most out of England and the UK’s unharnessed heritage riches. We look forward to continuing our work with colleagues in this important cultural area.”


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