Friendly fire protection

The new, innovative, fire protection system from Siemens Building Technologies not only sets new standards for performance and reliability, it can also communicate easily with virtually any modern BMS installation, thanks to its integral support for Ethernet and BACnet.
In addition, the versatile Sinteso control panels offer, as standard, customisable logic functionality. In many applications, this means that simple BMS automation functions can be implemented without the need to use a separate programmable controller (PLC). Big costs savings are therefore possible.

Developed after ten years of intensive research, and now fully optimised to meet the specific needs of users in the UK, Sinteso products are ideally suited to helping users meet their obligations under the new Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (RRFSO). The Sinteso product family includes a broad range of detectors and accessories, complemented by versatile yet easy to use fire control panels.

Central to the range are Sinteso S-Line detectors. Easily able to satisfy even the most demanding requirements, these detectors use Siemens new and patented ASA (Advanced Signal Analysis) technology.

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