Frico launches Elektra

Frico has launched its robust Elektra series, specially designed for use in demanding environments including corrosive or damp atmospheres, shipping and offshore industry, areas of high temperatures or potential risk of fire.
Reliable and designed for long life, Elektra is primarily intended for wall mounting, although the brackets can be adjusted for portable use.

Offering 14 compact, low noise and light weight models, Frico has classified Elektra into four specifications to cover these extreme conditions:

• Elektra C for corrosive and damp environments, such as car washes. The stainless steel casings of these models are acid-resistant.

• Elektra F for rooms with increased risk of fire, such as carpenters’ workshops and farm buildings.

• Elektra V for ships and offshore platforms, approved by Det Norske Veritas for marine use.

• Elektra H for rooms with high temperatures up to +70°C.

Elektra’s accessories include control boxes and thermostats with setting ranges of 0 – 35°C for Elektra C, F and V, and 0 – 70°C for Elektra H.

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