Fresh air improves efficiency

With indoor air quality within educational premises becoming an increasingly important issue, it is necessary to regularly clean ventilation ductwork to maintain a healthy and comfortable learning environment for students and teachers.

System Hygienics recently completed a large-scale cleaning contract at Havering College in Essex to improve the cleanliness and efficiency of the college’s ventilation systems.

The contract involved cleaning the ventilation ductwork at three of the College’s campus buildings – Ardleigh Green Campus, Rainham Campus Construction Centre and Quarles Campus – which offer a range of vocational courses and diplomas, including bricklaying, roofing, hairdressing and catering. System Hygienics also cleaned the kitchen extract systems in the catering blocks at Quarles Campus.

The building at Rainham Campus is a converted warehouse so ductwork is located at a high level. Operatives from System Hygienics used a cherry picker and safety harnesses to access the ductwork to ensure a thorough clean using the company’s Jetvent cleaning system, which requires minimal access to ductwork as up to 50 metres can be reached from one point. The cherry picker was also used to clean the external flues of the fume cupboards in the workshops on Ardleigh Green Campus.

A spokesperson for Havering College, said: “We take great care selecting suppliers to work at the college as the safety of our staff and students is a top priority. System Hygienics was efficient in getting all four operatives CRB checked so that the cleaning works could take place during the summer holidays. The cleaning team were in and out of the college within a week, and they did a great job. I’ve definitely noticed a stronger and fresher air flow through the campus buildings.”

System Hygienics supplied the college with before and after photos and a certificate of cleanliness to verify that cleaning was achieved to the Heating and Ventilating Contractors’ Association’s TR/19 standards.

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