Frese wins contract for £110m Providence Tower

Lancashire based valve manufacturer, Frese, has won a contract to work on a new heating system for the Providence Tower development, close to London’s Canary Wharf.

The 43-storey tower consists of 484 apartments of which 343 are private, with remaining apartments located in a 12-storey curved podium adjoining the tower.

Frese have been challenged to deliver a heating system that can supply instantaneous domestic hot water to each apartment with the ability to control the temperature of the system quickly and accurately when needed. It is also required that there is an option for metering of the energy consumption, so billing can be carried out remotely from a central location.

For a building with a centralised heating plant supplying multiple dwellings, developing a system with these capabilities is a challenge. Frese is supplying a Conheat Single Plate HIU. The Conheat interface unit has been developed using Danish knowledge and expertise with high quality components. The unit incorporates a single plate heat exchanger with a hot water output of either 55, 65 or 75kw.

Stephen Hart, managing director of Frese in the UK, said: “District and community heating systems are standard fare in Denmark with 66% of all Danish households being connected to a centralised network. These systems have helped Denmark improve energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions by almost a quarter. Frese has been working with these systems in Denmark for many years and as a result is the leader in technology connected to centralised heating systems.”

He added: “The new system in Providence Tower will be very efficient. The central boiler in the plant room sends hot water through a primary flow system to every connected apartment, the Heat Interface Unit (HIU) in each apartment then heats water in a secondary system, using heat from the hot pipes in the primary system. This allows individual households to retain control of hot water temperature and can be metered separately to monitor use, while also reducing energy waste.

“This simple Conheat unit also features a mechanical fast acting control valve and efficient brazed plate heat exchanger. This creates a super-efficient system ideal for multiple-dwelling developments.”

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