Frese launch new valve

Frese has extended its range of flanged PICVs targeted at the larger cooling and heating applications such as air handling units and plate heat exchangers.


The firm has developed a larger scale valve, the PICV Optima DN100 which will handle 25 litres of flow per second. This capacity makes it ideal for controlling flow and pressure in larger scale heating and cooling units in the likes of high rise buildings, supermarkets and factories.


The Frese Optima PICV is an intelligent control valve that maintains balance in the system, controls the room temperature and ensures that pressure fluctuations do not affect the valve performance, ensuring a comfortable indoor climate. The Optima PICV replaces a traditional balancing valve and 2 port control valve, and eliminates the need for additional differential pressure control valves in a system.


Through such accurate control these valves can offer up to a 50% saving on pump energy costs and also lead to a major reduction on energy bills as boilers and chillers work more efficiently.


Founded in Denmark, Frese launched their first PICV in 1988, and since then Frese has continued to be the market leader in PICV technology.

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