Freeze protection goes modular

Raychem self-regulating freeze protection systems for buildings have gone modular with the launch of FlexiClic. The new versatile modular format makes it easier and quicker to install electric frost protection to exposed pipework and on the roofs of commercial, residential or industrial buildings. FlexiClic modules simply click together to create the required layout and there are click-together Tee and 3-way junctions to enhance the system flexibility and deliver lower total installed costs.
The freezing of cold water service pipes and the formation, melting and refreezing of ice, or snow accumulation, on the roofs of commercial, residential or industrial buildings can cause significant and expensive problems. Apart from any structural failure, burst pipes and water leaks in and around buildings can interrupt business continuity, disrupt lives and pose a safety hazard. Raychem self regulating electric frost protection systems are designed to remove these risks. Installed on pipework to prevent freezing and along gutters and down pipes for melting snow and ice and maintaining a continuous draining path, they offer winter protection for building infrastructure and also remove the safety hazard of overhanging icicles around the building perimeter.
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