Free technical guide

Hager has launched a free technical guide about Type B distribution boards and how to meet the requirements of the 17th Edition and Part L2 of the Building Regulations for commercial installations.

Steve Dyson, product manager for Hager Ltd says:  “The whole nature of sub and final distribution in commercial installations has changed over the last few years.  There is a greater demand for RCD protection and sub metering is now a requirement. 

“We are also finding that the distribution board is at the heart of a lot of energy saving control.  In addition to offering technical support over the phone, we felt it appropriate to produce a guide to help specifiers and installers.”

The 24-page guide covers selection and erection of equipment; cable entry into a distribution board; isolation and switching; and protection against fault current, electric shock and overvoltage.

It also covers the Building Regulations Part L2A and L2B.  It includes advice about metering and sub metering and also the use of control devices to help reduce energy consumption.

Hager has also produced A1 educational posters for use at point of sale and in training colleges.

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