Free software from Samsung

Are you designing a VRF-type air conditioning system or a single/multi split system for commercial applications? It just got a whole lot simpler with the new DVM-Pro software from Samsung Air Conditioning.

DVM-Pro is a free programme available on CD to help designers and specifiers select and order the best Samsung air conditioning solution for each project. Samsung is now offering the programme with a free 10 minute tutorial to ensure optimum specification every time. To request a free CD and tutorial visit the website.

DVM-Pro gives system designers all the tools to select the most appropriate solutions from Samsung’s DVM Plus III (VRF) range of air conditioners – as well as the FJM (multi spilt) and CAC (cassette type) ranges. In commercial applications, these ranges provide all the solutions needed for medium-sized shops and offices through to multi-storey office buildings and hotels.

DVM-Pro in Sales Mode allows the specifier to select indoor and outdoor units, piping, wiring and controls – and then print detailed specifications, diagrams and a cost estimates. DVM-Pro in CAD Mode, which is fully compatible with AutoCAD, facilitates easy and precise system design, automatically calculating refrigerant and drain pipe sizes.

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