Free guide to thermal imaging

Fluke is offering a free Thermal Imaging Pack which includes applications guidance through a series of articles, a DVD which demonstrates practical applications for thermal imaging cameras, a 4-page leaflet covering training courses at the Operator-level and for Level-1 Certification, and also details of Fluke’s wide range of thermal imaging cameras.
The Fluke Thermal Imaging Pack can be requested via the Fluke UK web site or by contacting Fluke directly on 020 7942 0700.

The series of Fluke Application Notes cover in detail how to detect loose or corroded electrical connections, detecting electrical unbalance and overload, inspecting electrical motors and inspecting steam systems.

The Fluke Thermal Imaging Application DVD ‘Thermal imaging in industrial applications’ covers the principles of thermal imaging and explains how this powerful troubleshooting technology can be used to locate and troubleshoot hotspots around industrial complexes. It covers, for example, the inspection of infrastructure and electrical systems.

Fluke’s thermal imaging cameras include the Fluke Ti20 Infrared Thermal Imager, which represents a breakthrough in price-performance by providing detailed, fully radiometric images at a price of less than £4k.

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